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The information on this page is provided from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture on food recalls occurring throughout the United States.

The Southern Nevada Health District’s Environmental Health Division supports permitted food facilities in complying with recalls that have an impact in Clark County by providing information, conducting routine inspections, and through outreach activities as appropriate. Foodborne outbreaks are investigated in conjunction with the Health District’s Office of Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance.

What to Do if There is a Recall

Foods are recalled if there is a reason to believe that the product could cause injury or illness. The goal of the recall is to remove the food product from sale and alert customers not to eat the food. When a recalled is issued, it is important to check your kitchen (including your freezer!) and remove any recalled items.

To report adverse reactions or problems with pre-packaged food products, contact the local FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator at (510) 337-6741.

Additional information about food safety and recalls:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Foodborne Outbreaks

U.S. Department of Agriculture – Current Recalls and Alerts

U.S. Food and Drug Administration – Current Recalls and Alerts

Food Safety Recall Alerts

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Telephone: (702) 759-0588


Updated on:  November 18, 2020