/Foodborne Illness Complaints

Foodborne Illness Complaints

Restaurant, Deli or Caterer

If you believe your illness was caused by eating at a commercial food establishment (restaurant, deli or caterer) complete the Foodborne Illness Complaint Form or call the Office of Epidemiology at (702) 759-1300. Provide your contact information so an investigator can follow up if more information is required.

Grocery Store Products

If you believe your illness was caused by eating prepackaged foods, call the FDA at 1(510) 337-6741.

When you call, be prepared to answer some questions. The interview may take 10-15 minutes to complete. You will be asked to provide details about the ill person(s), what they ate during the 72 hours before getting ill, and the symptoms they are experiencing. You will be asked to describe the symptoms, when they started, how long they lasted, and if you were seen by a health care provider. You may also be asked about recent travel, pet ownership and exposure to drinking and recreational water.

Note: If you have questions or concerns about your health you should consult your health care provider.


Updated on: June 5, 2019

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