//Inspection Process

Inspection Process

The Southern Nevada Health District Regulations Governing the Sanitation and Safety of Tattoo Establishments and the Southern Nevada Health District Regulations Governing the Sanitation of Body Piercing Establishments require a minimum of two random inspections every year.

Inspections include examination of equipment and surroundings to ensure the tattoo, permanent makeup, and/or body piercings are being done in a sanitary and sterile manner.

Additional inspections occur if deemed necessary by the environmental health specialist. The inspection process includes checking paperwork and records to ensure the operator is following standard procedures.

Detailed information on inspections can be found in the regulations:

Stipulations made in the regulations include:

  • A Health Permit is required to own or operate a tattoo, permanent makeup or body piercing establishment in Clark County.
  • Equipment and instruments used in the application of tattooing or body piercing must be sterilized and needles properly disposed in biohazard containers.
  • The small plastic containers holding the colored ink must never be reused since tattoo ink has been linked to the spread of hepatitis.

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Updated on: October 10, 2018

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