//Waivers – Aquatic Facility

Waivers – Aquatic Facility

A waiver is a written agreement between SNHD and the permit holder that authorizes a modification of one or more regulatory requirements and has no impact on the health and safety of patrons. A waiver may be granted by modifying or waiving the requirements of the Aquatic Facility Regulations if public health and safety will not be impacted as a result of the approved waiver.

The waiver application must be filled out completely, with all questions answered thoroughly, in order to be processed. Typical application errors which will result in a delay include:

  • Incorrect location or contact information
  • Incomplete or missing answers
  • Failure to identify risks associated with waiving a regulation
  • Lack of supporting documentation

If SNHD determines that further clarification or additional documentation is required, a written response will be sent to the applicant detailing any corrections required. Any supporting documentation or additional sheets submitted with the waiver application must be submitted on company letterhead and must be signed by the applicant. Upon approval, a letter will be sent to the applicant detailing the conditions of the waiver.

Waiver fees are assessed per hour worked on the waiver, and are charged in accordance with the most recently approved EH Fee Schedule. To apply for a waiver, fill out the appropriate waiver application below and submit to aquatic@snhd.org. Contact the Aquatic Health desk at (702) 759-0572 if you have any questions.


Updated on: February 25, 2021

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