/Southern Nevada Health District COVID-19 Update

Southern Nevada Health District COVID-19 Update

October 8, 2021

The Southern Nevada Health District is providing a weekly summary of COVID-19 data and new or updated information about COVID-19 clinics and resources.

COVID-19 Cases

As of October 8, there have been 323,940 cases of COVID-19 reported in Clark County. The Health District is also reporting the seven-day average of new positive cases as of October 4, is 356.6. A total of 5,743 Clark County residents have died from COVID-19.

The Health District encourages people who have symptoms of COVID-19 or who have had contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 to get tested. Testing location information is available at www.snhd.info/covid-testing. Home testing kits are now widely available. More information on self-testing kits is available on the Health District website.

COVID-19 Vaccination Status Report

As of October 8, 2021:

  • Total Doses Reported Administered: 2,524,151

Total Doses Reported Initiated: 1,407,301

  • Percent initiated vaccination:
    • Overall: 60.71%
    • 18 years and older: 74.45%
    • 12 years and older: 69.52%
  • Total Doses Reported Completed: 1,179,104
    • Overall: 50.86%
    • 18 years and older: 62.87%
    • 12 years and older: 58.05%

Additional vaccination information is available at www.snhd.info/covid-cases. In keeping with a recent update by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, the Southern Nevada Health District completed a review and update of its vaccine data. Records that had duplicates were removed and others were reclassified as needed. Vaccine data will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure reporting is consistent and transparent.

COVID-19 after Vaccination

This report was not generated this week due to the recent revisions in methodology. Previous reports are available at www.snhd.info/covid-breakthrough.


Variants of the virus that cause COVID-19 are tracked by the Health District, throughout the United States and globally by public health organizations. The virus that causes COVID-19 is constantly changing, and the best way to reduce the spread and slow the emergence of new variants is to get vaccinated. More information about variants, including classifications and definitions, is available on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/variants/index.html.

The CDC continues to learn about COVID-19 variants and reports them as follows: Variants Being Monitored (VBM), which may include variants previously designated as Variants of Interest (VOI) or Variants of Concern (VOC), and Variants of High Consequence (VOHC).

As of October 7, the Health District is reporting the following variants being monitored (VBM) in Clark County:

Variant Being MonitoringCountPercent

As of October 7, the Health District is reporting the following variants of concern (VOC) in Clark County:

Variant of ConcernCountPercent
Delta Plus1091.8

In the past 30 days, the Health District identified the following variants in Clark County:

Delta Plus  

Expanded COVID-19 vaccine clinic hours

Continuing through Saturday, October 25, the Health District has evening and weekend COVID-19 vaccine clinic hours at its 280 S. Decatur Blvd. Southern Nevada Community Health Center, Friday and Monday from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 12 p.m. – 7 p.m. These expanded hours are in addition to the Southern Nevada Community Health Center’s regular COVID-19 vaccine clinic hours, Monday – Friday, 6:15 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Clinic Locations

Clinics offering COVID-19 vaccines to the public are available throughout Clark County including at the Health District’s four Clark County School District sites, Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

  • Centennial High School, 10200 W. Centennial Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89149
  • Cheyenne High School, 3200 W. Alexander Rd., Las Vegas NV 89032
  • Desert Pines High School, 3800 E. Harris Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89110
  • Sierra Vista High School, 8100 W. Robindale Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89113

Updated Health District and community vaccine clinic information is posted to the Health District website at www.snhd.info/covid-vaccine. The website includes a feature that allows people to search for clinic listings by ZIP code.


The Southern Nevada Health District serves as the local public health authority for Clark County, Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas, Mesquite and North Las Vegas. The agency safeguards the public health of the community’s residents and visitors through innovative programs, regulations, and initiatives focused on protecting and promoting their health and well-being. More information about the Health District, its programs, services, and the regulatory oversight it provides is available at www.SNHD.info.

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