/COVID-19 Brazilian (P.1) variant detected Clark County

COVID-19 Brazilian (P.1) variant detected Clark County

April 12, 2021

LAS VEGAS — The first known cases of the Brazilian COVID-19 variant, known as P.1, have been detected in Clark County. The Southern Nevada Health District received notification about one case from the Nevada State Public Health Laboratory (NSPHL) and information about two cases were forwarded from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The Clark County residents include a man in his 20s who was not hospitalized and reports having one vaccine dose; another is a man in his 40s with no travel history who was not hospitalized and has not been vaccinated; a third is a man in his 30s with no travel history who has not been hospitalized or vaccinated. The Health District has interviewed these individuals and conducted contact investigations to identify close contacts. Contacts of these cases are advised to self-quarantine and monitor their health for symptoms.

The Brazilian variant, P.1, has been identified in several states and is classified as a ‘variant of concern’ by the CDC. It is thought to be more easily transmissible. Vaccines can help prevent more serious illness and reduce the risk of hospitalizations.

“It is not unexpected that we have identified the Brazilian P.1 strain in Clark County and the B.1.1.7 strain has already been found here,” said Dr. Fermin Leguen, District Health Officer of the Southern Nevada Health District. “The variants are a reminder that we must continue to be vigilant about preventing the spread of COVID-19 by taking all of the steps we have been talking about for a year like wearing masks in public and when around others, getting tested, staying home if you are sick, and, now, getting vaccinated.”

Additional information about new COVID-19 vaccine is available on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/transmission/variant.html. More information about COVID-19, including case updates, vaccination clinics, and available resources is available on the Health District website at www.SNHD.info/covid.


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