/The best Father’s Day gift is to be tobacco-free

The best Father’s Day gift is to be tobacco-free

June 15, 2016

LAS VEGAS – The Southern Nevada Health District is encouraging dads who smoke to celebrate this Father’s Day by quitting. According to the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, 20.2 percent of Nevada men smoke, and approximately 1,900 men die per year due to smoking-related illnesses. Since children from families who smoke are twice as likely to become smokers themselves, fathers can take this opportunity to remember the important role they play in influencing the choices their children make. Nevada dads can access local resources to help them quit and more by visiting Get Healthy Clark County for information and resources. Dads (and moms) can also call the Nevada Tobacco Quitline, 1-800 QUIT NOW for FREE help quitting all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. The Quitline is also available in Spanish: 1-855-DÉJELO-YA.

It can take several attempts to quit smoking, and benefits kick in almost immediately. About 20 minutes after quitting, blood pressure/pulse rate return to normal. In 12 hours, blood oxygen levels increase to normal, and carbon monoxide levels drop to normal. After 48 hours, damaged nerve endings start to heal, and the sense of taste and smell begin to return to normal.

By quitting smoking, fathers have an immediate impact on their children by modeling a tobacco-free lifestyle. In Nevada, treating smoking-related illnesses in men costs $631 million per year. Illnesses include heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Approximately 216,000 children have lost their fathers to smoking-related illnesses across the United States.

In addition, Father’s Day is an opportunity to start a conversation at home about being smoke free. Two of every five children between the ages of 3 and 11 are exposed to secondhand smoke. Dads can:

  • Maintain a totally smoke-free home and car
  • Educate their children about the dangers of cigarette smoking, including adverse health effects, detrimental effects on physical appearance, and nicotine addiction
  • Discuss how tobacco companies target young people and encourage them to smoke, including e-cigarettes
  • Emphasize the immediate benefits of quitting
  • Ask their children about their views on smoking and their friends’ attitudes about smoking



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