Solid Waste Management Authority Hearing Officer Meeting

May 27, 2008

May 27, 2008

The Solid Waste Hearing Officer, under authority granted in Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 444.629, conducts monthly hearings to settle cases involving illegal dumping and other solid waste matters. At the May 27, 2008 meeting, the following cases were adjudicated:

II. Matters Requiring Hearing Officer Action

A. Notices of Violation with Contested Penalties:

  1. Pro Star Drop Boxes, LLC – NOV #SW08-059/D8- For 1) operating a disposal site without a permit issued by the solid waste management authority; 2) placing, depositing or dumping or causing to be placed, deposited or dumped solid waste on property located at 6131 North Hollywood Boulevard, Clark County; on or about February 6, 2008; and 3) failure to comply with the Order issued by the Solid Waste Management Authority on January 23, 2008.

    Hearing officer found Pro Star Drop Boxes, LLC in violation and imposed a $6,000 penalty for 1), a $1,500 penalty for 2), and a $4,500 penalty for 3). Corrective action to cease and desist operating or authorizing the operation of a disposal site without a permit. In addition, Pro Star Drop Boxes, LLC is ordered to retain a Certified Environmental Health Manager (CEM).

B. Non-Contested Notices of Violation: The Hearing Officer may approve or disapprove the agreed resolution. Upon disapproval of the agreed resolution, the Hearing Officer will set a date for the hearing of any such Notice of Violations.


C. Notices of Violation – Further Proceedings:


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