Annual Recycling Reports

The State of Nevada has set a goal to recycle 25 percent of all municipal solid waste for counties with populations over 100,000. Per NAC 444A.140 the health district is required to complete a recycling survey and report the findings to the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) by April 1.

The recycling rates reported by the health district are incorporated into NDEP’s annual statewide recycling report. Under NAC 444A.135 each recycling center permitted by the health district must submit a recycling report by February 15 for the previous year. For other companies carrying out recycling activities, reporting is strictly voluntary.

Measuring the recycling rate provides an opportunity to determine the effectiveness of various recycling programs and to showcase the efforts of the residents and businesses in Clark County.

Clark County reached the 25 percent goal for the first time in 2012. The purpose of including Recycling Reports from 2006 to the present is to demonstrate that over this time frame, while the recycling rates were below the 25 percent goal, the rates were slowly improving.

Additionally, the reports provide an indication of the volumes and types of materials that were being recycled in a given year. Changes in these numbers over time are an indication of market changes, new businesses opening, and businesses that have either closed or have been sold to other interests.

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Updated on:  May 11, 2022

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