//Disease Report Investigation Process

Disease Report Investigation Process

After a report of a case or outbreak of an infectious disease is received, Health District staff immediately take action with the ultimate goal of protecting the health of Clark County residents and visitors.

In public health, a “case” is a patient who has been diagnosed with a reportable disease or condition, per the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 441A.


  • Case Investigation: Cases and health care providers are interviewed to identify risk factors and other potential contacts. Patients and contacts are interviewed to determine if they work in sensitive occupations or settings that might pose a public health concern (e.g., food handlers, child care attendees, health care workers or employees of group residential facilities).
  • Source Investigation: An epidemiologic investigation is conducted to identify the source of infection and how it is being spread.
  • Lab Testing: Guidance is provided to health care providers for ordering lab tests to confirm a diagnosis. Health District staff facilitates obtaining approvals for specialized tests run at local, state or federal public health labs.

Infection Control

  • Recommendations: Health District staff work with infection control specialists to recommend measures to control and prevent the spread of disease in health care settings.
  • Information and Education: Information is provided to cases, contacts and the general public to prevent and control the spread of disease in community settings.
  • State and National Notification: Per Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) and NAC441.A, Health District staff coordinates notification of state and national health officials.

Treatment Recommendations

  • Post-exposure and Preventive Treatment: The need for preventive treatments such as antibiotics and vaccines is assessed, and appropriate recommendations are made. In cases of mass exposure to a treatable infectious agent, Health District staff activates the Mass Prophylaxis Plan for providing mass treatment and/or prophylaxis.

Communication with Health Care Providers

  • Health Alerts: Health District staff sends Health Alerts, advisories and updates to health care providers and the general public regarding infectious disease situations of public health concern.
  • Analysis of Surveillance Data: Public health surveillance data is analyzed and disseminated to health care providers and the general public.

Contact Information

(702) 759-0727
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(702) 759-1015
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Foodborne Illness Outbreaks
& Other Diseases
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Updated on:  May 2, 2019

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