/What raw and undercooked fish does parasite destruction apply to?

Parasite destruction applies to all raw and undercooked fish except those listed in regulation 3-402.11B (see below). The 2010 regulations define fish as,

“(A) A fresh or saltwater finfish, crustacean and other forms of aquatic life, other than birds or mammals, and including but not limited to alligator, frog, aquatic turtle, jellyfish, sea cucumber, sea urchin, and the roe of such animals, and mollusks, if such animal life is intended for human consumption. (B) Fish includes an edible human food product derived in whole or in part from fish, including fish that have been processed in any manner.” (1-202)

Fish that does not require parasite destruction (3-402.11B) include:

  • Molluscan shellstock (1-202).
  • Tuna of the species Thunnus alalunga, Thunnus albacares (Yellowfin tuna), Thunnus altanticus, Thunnus maccoyii (Bluefin tuna, Southern), Thunnus obesus (Bigeye tuna) or Thunnus thynnus (Bluefin tuna, Northern).
  • Farm raised fish that have been fed formulated feed (i.e. pellets); documentation is required.

A waiver is required to be exempted from parasite destruction of a raw or undercooked fish that is not a hazard for parasites. Visit the Waiver Requests webpage for more information.

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