/What is the Health District doing about Aedes mosquitoes?
  • The Health District’s Vector Surveillance program has been looking for this species of mosquito since 2014. In addition to Southern Nevada, this particular mosquito has been found in neighboring states. The Health District continues to urge residents to remove mosquito breeding areas, which can be obvious sources including abandoned swimming pools or hidden sources such as tires and other small backyard containers. Contact the Vector Surveillance Program at (702) 759-1633 to report mosquito activity. More information on the Health District’s Vector Surveillance Program can be found on the website at www.SNHD.info.
  • The Health District’s Vector Surveillance Program has put into place its plan to identify and control the Aedes mosquito population once it has been identified in the community.
  • The Health District purchased equipment and resources to treat areas where Aedes mosquitoes have been found. Treatment can include the use of insecticides that are safe for people and the environment to eliminate breeding sites.
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