/What is directly observed therapy (DOT)?

DOT is the standard of care for taking TB medication.

All TB patients are placed on directly observed therapy, which enables us to watch you closely for side effects and ensures medicines are taken properly, not forgotten, and that you successfully complete a full course of therapy.

It is convenient, easy to arrange and can be scheduled to fit into your daily routine.

  1. You are seen for DOT by a TB Clinic nurse every day or several times a week at a place you both agree on, such as the TB Clinic, home, work, video conference, etc.
  2. The nurse will watch you take your medication.

TB treatment can be challenging, and DOT helps ensure your success. Most people have trouble remembering to take their medicines, or they stop taking them when they feel better. If this happens, the TB could become stronger and resistant to medicines and/or you could start to feel sick again. If that happens, the TB is harder to treat and takes longer to cure.

With DOT everyone works as a team to make sure that you get better, supports you during a challenging time, and ensures that no one around you gets sick.