/What constitutes a “like-for-like” equipment change?

A “like-for-like” equipment change is the replacement of equipment for similar equipment in design, function, use and maintenance, whether or not from the same manufacturer, that requires no additional alteration or modification of existing finishes or fixtures to install and occupies the same or similar footprint of the replaced equipment.

“Like-for-like” could also encompass the minor replacement or repair of surface finishes or lighting fixtures for surface finishes or lighting fixtures similar in design, function, use and maintenance, whether or not from the same manufacturer.

“Like-for-like” equipment must meet the following criteria:

  1. The new equipment replaces an existing piece of equipment;
  2. The new equipment is third-party sanitation certified to the same standard as the replaced equipment. Although formal plan review application may not be required, equipment specifications may be required to show proof of certification – contact Food Establishment Plan Review for details.
  3. The installation, such as hooking up gas or water lines, of the new equipment is simple and similar to the replaced equipment;
  4. The new equipment occupies a similar footprint to the replaced equipment; particularly for in-counter and under-ventilation installations (“roll-in” / “plug-in” type equipment footprint need not match the replaced equipment, provided space exists for adequate, safe & complaint placement).

Any addition or installation of equipment, fixtures, or finishes that requires evaluation to determine proper installation will require plan review.