/What can I do to prevent pests in my facility?

A good way to prevent pests is to deny their access to your facility and to deny them food and shelter. Some ways to prevent pest problems include:

  • Deny Access
    • Keep exterior doors closed when not in use and tightly sealed so no light is visible around or under the door.
    • Ensure that windows and openings to the outside are screened.
    • Ensure drive-thru or pass through windows are self-closing or have a working air curtain.
    • Inspect deliveries for signs of pests and refuse any delivery with evidence of pests.
  • Deny Food & Shelter
    • Seal food containers.
    • Store food at least 6 inches off the floor.
    • Repair plumbing leaks and eliminate standing water.
    • Maintain the facility in a clean condition.
    • Keep dumpsters and grease containers closed and the area around them clean.
    • Repair/replace cracked tiles and grout.
    • Seal cracks or holes in walls and ceiling.
    • Remove unnecessary equipment and other harborage areas.
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