/What are the requirements of a permitted waste tire hauler?
  • A waste tire hauler must initiate a manifest to transport waste tires from the place he or she takes possession of the waste tires from a generator of the waste tires to the place where he or she deposits the waste tires at either a permitted waste tire management facility or a permitted disposal site.
  • The waste tire manifest must include the following information:
    • Name of the generator of waste tires
    • Passenger tire equivalents or total tons of waste tires to be transported
    • Name and permit number of the waste tire hauler
    • Date of transport
    • Destination of waste tires
    • Number of tires sold for reuse; if any
    • Signature of the generator of the waste tires, hauler of the waste tires and the operator of either the permitted waste tire management facility or permitted disposal facility.
  • The permitted waste tire hauler is responsible for providing completed copies of the manifest with:
    • The operator of the permitted waste tire management facility and/or the permitted disposal site.
    • The generator of the waste tire (within 30 days).
  • Submit a semiannual report to the Health District by August 15 and February 15 of each year.
    • Waste Tire Semi-Annual Report Form
    • Completed reports may be submitted via:
      • Fax: (702) 759-1427
      • Regular Mail:Southern Nevada Health District
        Solid Waste and Compliance Section
        PO BOX 3902
        Las Vegas, Nevada 89127