/What about clean-up between required cleaning and sanitizing?

There are three ways to clean-up between routine warewashing: A wiping cloth in a sanitizer bucket, a spray bottle and towel, or a pre-moistened wipe. Sanitizer solution (regardless of the type used) must be available in every work area to wipe down equipment (e.g., meat slicers, counters, food preparation tables, cutting boards, and utensils). The surface of the equipment should remain wet with the sanitizer for the required contact time and be allowed to air dry.

  1. Buckets/Containers
    Keep wiping cloths stored in a bucket with sanitizer solution when they are not being used. Replace sanitizer solutions when the concentration gets weak or when the solution becomes cloudy. Sanitizer buckets that are easily identifiable (e.g. red buckets) and not used for any other purposes, do not require labels. Buckets that are not easily identifiable must be labeled (i.e., “sanitizer” or the name of the chemical). Store buckets below- and away from foods and food-contact surfaces. Designate a separate sanitizer bucket that is strictly for raw animal products, where needed.
  2. Spray Bottles
    Spray bottles filled with an approved sanitizer at proper concentration are allowed where foods are protected with a waterproof cover; and, never spray a sanitizer solution around open food. Properly label spray bottles (i.e., “sanitizer” or name of chemical). Replace the sanitizer solutions when the sanitizer concentration gets weak or when the solution becomes cloudy. The sanitizer solution should be sprayed onto the surface of equipment and left for the appropriate contact time before being wiped off (see manufacturer’s instructions); or, allowed to air dry.
  3. Wipes
    Purchase wipes with the appropriate sanitizer concentration for use in food establishments and approved for use on food-contact surfaces. Provide for a method (e.g., test strips) to test the sanitizer wipes. Allow for the appropriate sanitizer contact time and allow the sanitizer to air dry.