/How can MDR TB be prevented?

The most important way to prevent the spread of MDR TB is to take all medications exactly as prescribed. No doses should be missed, and treatment should not be stopped early. Patients should tell the doctor if they are having trouble taking the medications. If patients plan to travel, they should make sure they have enough medicine to last while they are away.

Health care providers can help prevent MDR TB by quickly diagnosing cases, following recommended treatment guidelines, monitoring patients’ response to treatment, and making sure therapy is completed.

Another way to prevent getting MDR TB is to avoid exposure to known MDR TB patients in closed or crowded places such as hospitals, prisons, or homeless shelters.

If you work in hospitals or health care settings where TB patients are likely to be seen, consult infection control or occupational health experts. Ask about administrative and environmental procedures for preventing exposure to TB. Once those procedures are implemented, additional measures could include using personal respiratory protective devices.

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