/How can lead poisoning risk be reduced or prevented?
  • Do not eat imported goods that are suspected of containing lead.
  • If lead paint has been found in your house, eliminate contaminated dust by using a solution of TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) and water.
  • Damp mop floors and clean other surfaces with a cloth or sponge that will not be re-used on dishes, eating, drinking or cooking utensils.
  • Block painted window sills and moldings with heavy furniture to keep children away.
  • Install vinyl siding over exterior lead painted surfaces.
  • Plant grass to control dust.
  • Reduce children’s contact with soil if your house was built before 1978 or is near a major highway.
  • Plant bushes near exterior walls to keep children away.
  • Test your water for lead content and assure that it is within recommended limits.
  • Run tap water for 60 seconds before using it whenever the water may have been standing awhile.
  • Use cold tap water for drinking, cooking and making infant formula because it carries less lead. (Boiling the water concentrates the lead.)
  • Check pottery, china and leaded glassware for lead content.