/How can I get tested for HIV?

HIV antibody testing is a simple oral or blood test performed by a trained professional. This procedure is strictly confidential. Counseling regarding the meaning of the test and its result takes place before the actual testing to ensure you understand HIV infection and the testing procedure.

The Office of AIDS offers the following HIV tests:

  • Blood Test – Blood drawn from a vein is tested for HIV antibodies.
  • Rapid HIV Antibody Tests – Same day results are available with this tests. This test is $25. For more information on testing days and times, call (702) 759-0702.

Blood tests, and rapid tests look for the presence of antibodies to HIV.

Blood draw test results are available within 7 days. Rapid tests offer same day results. All positive HIV test results must be confirmed with a follow-up confirmatory test before a final diagnosis of infection can be made.

Testing is available at several locations throughout Clark County. Results are not given on Fridays. Testing is confidential, and no appointment is necessary. Visit the Sexual Health Clinic webpage for more information.

The Office of AIDS is committed to keeping the public informed of HIV testing options and keeping people living with HIV well and informed.

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