/Abandoning a water well and/or intertying/consolidating with a water utility

Our office highly recommends contacting the Las Vegas Valley Ground Water Management Program first. Their office may be reached at (702) 258-2416. They will help your household navigate this process and inform you about any cost-subsidization for the consolidation process.

Information regarding well conversion grants, aquifer protection, and conservation education can be viewed at https://www.lasvegasgmp.com/.

As always, every well within Nevada is at the least overseen by the State Engineer’s Office: Division of Water Resources (NDWR). Their local office is located in Las Vegas, and they may be reached at (702) 486-2770.

Following consolidation with a water utility, please be sure to update the status of your well with NDWR.

Abandonment Standards

Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 534 Sections

  • 355
  • 420
  • 424
  • 427
  • 4353
  • 4365
  • 4371

Nevada Revised Statues (NRS) 534 Sections

  • 180
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