///BGP-005: Board Officers/Members

BGP-005: Board Officers/Members

Adopted: 5/26/2011
Amended: 7/23/2015, 7/23/2021

  1. Terms of Office
    1. An officer of the Southern Nevada District Board of Health (Board) serves a term of one (1) year, or until a successor is elected.  No Board member may serve more than three (3) successive terms in any one particular office and no person shall hold more than one (1) office at a time.
    2. Members of the Board serve terms of two (2) years.
  2. Board Composition
    1. The Board shall be comprised of elected and non-elected members as follows:
      1. Two representatives of the Board of County Commissioners;
      2. Two representatives of the governing body of the largest incorporated city in the county;
      3. One representative of the governing body of each other city in the county;
      4. One physician licensed to practice medicine in this State;
      5. One representative of a non-gaming business or from an industry that is subject to regulation by the Health District; and
      6. One representative from the association of gaming establishments.
    2. Elected members will be selected for Board membership by the elected members of their respective entities.  At-Large members will be selected upon nomination by the elected Board members.
  3. Officer Composition
    1. The officers of the Board shall be a Chair, a Vice Chair, and a Secretary.  The Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary shall be elected annually at the July meeting from among the voting Board members and will include at least one (1) elected member.
  4. Selection Committee
    1. Officers
      1. The Chair will form a Nomination of Officers Committee which will include, at a minimum, the current Board officers and convene no later than July of each year. The Nomination of Officers Committee will receive nominations for Board officers, discuss the nominations and make a recommendation to the full Board for annual election in July.
    2. At-Large Members
      1. The Chair will form an At-Large Member Selection Committee which will include, at a minimum, two (2) current elected Board members, to receive and review nominations and/or applications for at-large membership, discuss the nominations, and make recommendations to the elected members of the Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
      2. At-large members shall represent the Health District at large and must be selected based on their qualifications without regard to the location within the Health District of their residence or place of employment.
  5. Election
    1. To select officers and at-large members, the following procedure will be used one office and/or at-large position at a time:
      1. Any Board member may nominate for any office or at-large position (including the nomination of oneself);
      2. Nominations do not need to be seconded; and
      3. A motion, a second, and a vote will close nominations.
    2. B. Although the full Board may participate in discussion of the nominees, only elected Board members may vote on at-large members. At-large voting requires a quorum of elected Board members be present in person or via telephone.
    3. To be elected to an office, a nominee must receive a majority vote of the members in attendance.
  6. Compensation
    1. Members serve without additional compensation for their services; but are entitled to reimbursement for necessary expenses for attending meetings or otherwise engaging in the business of the Board.
  7. Vacancies
    1. Vacancies must be filled in the same manner as the original selection for the remainder of any unexpired term.
    2. Elections shall take place as soon as possible at a meeting following receipt of notice of the vacancy and in accordance with Nevada’s Open Meeting Law.
    3. If the office of the Chair becomes vacant, the Vice Chair shall fill the vacancy until the election of a successor.

Updated on: July 28, 2021