///BGP-001: Construction of Board of Health Meeting Agendas

BGP-001: Construction of Board of Health Meeting Agendas

Adopted: 1/27/2011
Amended: 7/23/2015

The Executive Secretary to the Southern Nevada District Board of Health (Board), in consultation with the Board Chair, shall prepare an agenda for all regular and special Board meetings, and those of its committees, and ensure that copies are provided as required by Nevada’s Open Meeting Law (OML). Backup materials sufficient to allow Board members to give their prior consideration to the agenda items shall be provided to the Board members and the public in addition to the agenda. In preparing the agenda, the following procedures will be followed:

  1. Availability of Agenda
    1. The agenda shall be sent to each Board member in advance of the meetings, and posted on the Board website no later than Thursday the week prior to the Board meeting, or as soon thereafter as possible. Back-up materials, if any, will be posted at the same time or as soon thereafter as possible.
    2. Deadline for receipt in the Board’s Executive Secretary’s office of agenda items and related reference materials, is ten (10) business days prior to the meeting.
    3. If a holiday occurs during any of the periods specified herein, the deadlines may be adjusted.
  2. Agenda Preparation and Approval
    1. According to the posting dates of the agenda, the Board’s Executive Secretary will review all items submitted by Health District management for the agenda. A draft of the agenda will be prepared and submitted in a timely manner to the Board’s Executive Secretary, the Board Chair and Board legal counsel for review and recommendation on consent agenda and staff action items. The Board Chair has final approval.
    2. Except in an emergency, and in accordance with Nevada’s Open Meeting Law (OML), no member can place an item on the agenda less than 72 hours in advance of a meeting.
  3. Order of Agenda Items
    1. The first item on the agenda following the Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Oaths of Office and recognitions will be the consideration of any tabled and/or reconsideration items.
      1. An agenda item which has previously been considered and decided by the Board within the past year may only be placed on the agenda for reconsideration by a Board member who was on the prevailing side of the previous decision. The agenda item will be preceded by a specific agenda item to address whether the item should be reconsidered.
    2. The remainder of the agenda will, generally, be in the following order: Public Comment (the first of two), Consent Agenda and Approval of Agenda (which includes approval of meeting Minutes), Public Hearings, Closed Session, Report/Discussion/Action Items, Board Reports, District Health Officer & Staff Reports, Informational Items, and Public Comment.
  4. Closed Sessions
    1. Board members or the Board’s Executive Secretary may request a Closed Session. The requestor shall, prior to the meeting, arrange for the item to be placed on the agenda and provide backup material and information when available. Closed Session must be in compliance with OML.
    2. This request must be reviewed by Board legal counsel for recommendation with regard to OML compliance.
    3. If a person is to be discussed in the Closed Session, he or she must be notified as per the provisions of OML.
  5. Agenda Item Requests
    1. All business for consideration shall be included on the approved agenda. The Chair shall rule as “out of order” the consideration of any matter not on the agenda.
    2. All matters to be considered by the Board at any regular meeting shall be submitted to the Board’s Executive Secretary so that he/she may calendar the item for consideration in conformance with the procedures established by the OML and any necessary supporting documentation prepared on the subject. Board member requested items shall be handled in the following manner:
      1. At any time during a discussion on an agenda item or following public comment, individual Board members may make a motion that the matter be placed on a future agenda.At all other times, Board member requests shall be submitted in writing (which includes e-mail requests) within the time specified in 1(B) above, to both the Board Chair and the Board’s Executive Secretary with a clear description of the requested item, the rationale and background for the item, and any supporting documents. If the Board Chair, in consultation with the Board’s Executive Secretary, deems the agenda request to be relevant to the mission of the Board and within the Board’s authority, consideration of the request as a future agenda item will be placed on the agenda as a discussion item. If, after discussion, the Board deems the request to warrant further discussion and/or action, the Board may move to bring the item back to the Board at a later date for further discussion and/or possible action and the item will be calendared accordingly.
      2. Public requests for agenda items must be in writing and submitted with supporting documents, if any, at least twenty (20) days before the scheduled meeting date. Public requests should be sent to the attention of the Board’s Executive Secretary via US Mail, fax (702-759-1422), or by email (board.of.health@snhd.org). All requests will be forwarded to the Board Chair for consideration and approval. The Board Chair, in consultation with the Board’s Executive Secretary, will approve or deny any such requests.
        1. Elected officials and members of the legislature may request agenda items directly through the Board Chair or another Board member.
      3. All requested agenda items must be relevant to the mission of the Southern Nevada District Board of Health, and must fall under the purview of the same.
      4. The Board’s Executive Secretary may place items of a ministerial nature on the agenda, e.g., consent, informational, follow-up, public hearing, and staff recognition items, staff reports and Health District contracts. As a general practice, routine contracts are appropriate for placement on the Consent Agenda. Examples of routine contracts include, without limitation, Interlocal agreements, renewal contracts, and grants. However, contracts such as employment and professional services, renewal contracts with substantive term changes, and major capital purchases should be placed on the agenda as a Report / Discussion / Action item. Contracts that have not been brought to the Board in over five years should be agendized for administrative review and, as necessary, removed from the consent agenda.
        1. All contracts are subject to review by the Chair prior to being placed on the agenda. The Chair may, in his/her discretion, make the final determination regarding placement of an item on the agenda.
        2. After the initial discussion and consideration of any contract, and unless otherwise directed by the Board, the contract may be itemized on the Consent Agenda.
        3. Any Board member may request that a contract be removed from the Consent Agenda and placed on the regular agenda as a discussion/action item.
      5. In the event that the Board Chair, in consultation with the Board’s Executive Secretary, deems an agenda request to be irrelevant to the mission of the Board or outside of the Board’s authority, the Board member requesting the agenda item will be so informed. If the Board member wishes to pursue his/her request, the item may be resubmitted to the Board’s Executive Secretary for inclusion in the agenda as a discussion/action item. All such resubmissions must be sponsored by no less than two (2) Board members representing differing jurisdictions and/or industries.
      6. The Board Chair will exercise his/her discretion with respect to the actual calendaring of the Board member request submitted pursuant to 4.B.i or 4.B.v above. The Board Chair will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the request is heard within a reasonable time period after submission.
  6. Notice of Board of Health Meetings
    1. Notices of the meetings of the Southern Nevada District Board of Health and its committees shall be posted in accordance with the OML.

Updated on: September 18, 2018