Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention

As part of your prenatal care your blood will be tested for hepatitis B virus. If your results are positive, your child will need to receive treatment at birth.

Treatment includes:

  • One dose each of Hepatitis B Iimmune Globulin (HBIG) and the first dose of hepatitis B vaccine at birth. The HBIG and hepatitis B vaccine should be given at the hospital within 12 hours of delivery.
  • Second dose of hepatitis B vaccine should be given at 1-2 months of age.
  • The third dose of hepatitis B vaccine should be given at 6 months of age.
  • A blood test is recommended at 9-15 months of age and at least 1-2 months after the final dose of hepatitis B vaccine which will help confirm the success of the vaccination. A lab slip will be provided to you by the health district to take to any LabCorp location. The blood test is free.
  • Free blood test for your baby, after HBIG and three doses of vaccine are complete (9-15 months of age), to ensure the vaccine is protecting your child.

It is very important that you keep up with the hepatitis B vaccine schedule. The vaccine will not fully protect your child until the third dose is received.

If you are pregnant and tested positive for hepatitis B or want additional information on the Perinatal hepatitis B Prevention Program, call us at
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Updated on: February 27, 2019