/Office of Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion

Office of Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion

The Office of Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion is staffed by professionally trained health educators committed to improving the health of the community by mobilizing, supporting and working closely with community members.


Program staff leads through collaboration with internal and external partnership to bring innovative, creative, health promotion programs to the community.


To mobilize communities, develop innovative evidence based programs and advocate for policies that support healthy lifestyles, healthy communities and the elimination of health disparities.

Program focus areas including:

Chronic Disease

The Chronic Disease Prevention Program encourages and supports individual and community efforts to adopt healthy behaviors, lifestyles and environments.

Poor nutrition, physical inactivity and tobacco use are directly related to the onset or aggravation of a number of chronic diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and cancer. Our focus on these risk factors is the cornerstone of our efforts to prevent the incidence of chronic diseases and enhance the quality of life of those currently living with chronic conditions.

Injury Prevention

Injuries are the leading cause of death and disability for the first four decades of life. Most of the injuries that keep adults and children from enjoying fulfilling, productive lives – such as falls, drowning, poisoning, and motor vehicle crashes – are preventable.

The goal of the Injury Prevention Program is reduce and prevent injuries among Clark County residents. Injury prevention research has provided new information and tools to address this problem. The Injury Prevention Program works in the local community to promote and adopt evidence-based programs to ensure that every Clark County resident enjoys the highest possible quality of life.

Tobacco Control

The Tobacco Control Program has four major goals:

  • Prevent youth initiation of smoking
  • Promote cessation among youth and adults
  • Eliminate secondhand smoke exposure
  • Eliminate health disparities among diverse populations

The health district tobacco control program works to raise awareness about smoking and tobacco issues utilizing a variety of strategies including culturally tailored media campaigns, community outreach, web-based education, and programs developed specifically for youth, young adults and diverse communities.


Learn more about our programs and the Get Healthy Initiative by visiting the interactive website created just for Clark County residents called www.gethealthyclarkcounty.org.

You will find:

  • Interactive programs to help you live healthier
  • Links to community partners
  • A community calendar
  • Information about community coalitions
  • A link to our blog
  • Many other resources to help you get moving, be safe, eat better and live smoke-free

Contact Information

(702) 759-1270

Updated on:  January 2, 2020

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