/Office of Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance

Office of Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance

The Office of Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance conducts surveillance of various diseases and conditions, investigates case reports and disease outbreaks, and implements measures designed to control the spread and development of disease and health conditions.

The office works with diseases and conditions that may be communicable or non-communicable, and acute or chronic in nature, and covers a broad range of the diseases and conditions that have the most impact on the health and well-being of Southern Nevada residents and visitors.

The Office of Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance conducts activities to prevent, detect and control health problems in Clark County, including:

  • Communicable illnesses, such as measles, hepatitis and flu
  • Foodborne illness outbreaks, local and national
  • Chronic illnesses, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease
  • Factors that put people at risk for health problems, such as smoking and exposure to lead
  • Injuries that require hospital care
  • Biological threats to the public health

Epidemiology staff also support the medical community by giving recommendations for the prevention and control of communicable illness, educate the public about infectious diseases, and provide support to other health district programs and outside community partners.

Updated on:  November 28, 2018

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