//Water Management Plan Guidance

Water Management Plan Guidance

A water management plan is used to control Legionella within a building’s water systems. Current industry best practices for prevention of Legionellosis and other pertinent information are available on the Legionella Resource Library. Not all of the information outlined below may be applicable to your facility.

If your facility’s staff does not have experience in this area, we recommend contacting a consultant who specializes in the control of Legionella for the development of your water management plan.

Should your facility be associated with a case of Legionellosis, an environmental assessment will be performed by the health district and a water management plan may be requested for review. The plan should contain the following items:

  1. A schematic of the plumbing system indicating how the water is delivered to the various floors.
  2. A floor plan indicating the locations of all water heaters.
  3. A copy of the HACCP Plan used to control Legionella in the building’s water system. The HACCP Plan should include the following information:
    • Potable water systems
      • Maintenance of the system
      • Methods of monitoring of water treatment including location of logs that record the following:
        • hot and cold water temperatures
        • chlorine residuals
      • Routine and emergency disinfection procedures of the water systems
    • Pools and spas
      • Site plan of pools and spas
      • Filter operation, maintenance instructions, and monitoring and maintenance records documenting compliance with Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 444
      • Procedures for maintaining adequate water quality
      • Schedule of changing water
      • Policy for shock disinfection of water
      • Location of pool and spa monitoring and maintenance records
    • Misters
      • Site plan of misters
      • System maintenance plan
      • Water treatment plan
      • Disinfection instructions
      • Location of maintenance and monitoring logs
    • Cooling towers
      • Site plan of cooling towers
      • Cooling tower maintenance plan
      • Water treatment plan
      • Cooling tower shutdown/startup procedures
      • Disinfection procedures of cooling towers
      • Location of maintenance and monitoring logs
    • Decorative fountains
      • Site plan of decorative fountains
      • System maintenance plan
      • Water treatment plan
      • Disinfection instructions
      • Location of maintenance and monitoring logs

If you have any questions contact the Environmental Health Division at (702) 759-0677.

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Updated on: October 10, 2018

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