Application Process

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Before you can get your Certified Food Safety Manager card you must get certified as a food protection manager through a program accredited by ANSI.

The cost for certification varies and is separate from the cost of the card.

The health district will accept manager level certificates from the following Food Safety Manager or Food Protection Manager programs:

  • ServSafe
  • Prometric
  • National Registry of Food Safety Professionals
  • Learn2Serve
  • AboveTraining/

Complete the application in person or download and bring the completed form with you.

You must complete an application to get a new, renewal or duplicate card.

Steps to Get a Certified Food Safety Manager Card

  1. Get certified as a food protection manager through an ANSI accredited program. (see above)
  2. Go to one of the six public health centers that offer Certified Food Safety Manager cards. (see Locations & Hours of Operation)
  3. Take a number and an application.
  4. Complete the application while waiting for your number to be called.
  5. When your number is called, go to the station as directed.
  6. The clerk will:
    1. process your application
    2. review the food protection manager certificate
    3. verify your identification (see Valid I.D.)
    4. take your picture
    5. give you a copy of your application form
  7. Take the application form to the cashier and pay for your Certified Food Safety Manager card. (see Fees)
  8. Go to the information desk to have your card printed.

Contact Information

Phone: (702) 759-1099

Updated on:  July 24, 2019