Tasting Events

A tasting event is a special event where an entrance fee entitles the patron to food service in conjunction with the event. A tasting event may be a simple wine tasting event, a chili cook-off with all food preparation done at the event, or an epicurean affair where food is prepared in an offsite, permitted kitchen, then transported to the event location and served. The “tasting” booths typically do not have point of sales at the individual service areas.

The Event Coordinator (EC) bears more responsibility with a Tasting Event since all non-point of sale tasting booths will be inspected under the Event Coordinator Permit. Pre-event planning is crucial to any successful special event. Effective communication and planning before the event between the EC and the booth operators, as well as between the EC and the health district inspector will ensure safe food for the patrons attending the tasting event.

The EC must provide a map of the event, which includes accurate numbers and locations of the tasting booths and all support services. The map must be provided at the time of application or at least two business days before the event. Updates and changes must be reported to the health district before the event.

In addition to EC responsibilities at special events with individually permitted food vendors, an EC for a tasting event must ensure the tasting booths are properly equipped and set up before workers handle open food/beverage samples. Failure of the booth operator to provide sanitation controls and handle food safely can result in the booth being closed.

Event Coordinator Application

The Event Coordinator must submit an application and pay associated fees at least seven days before the event to avoid late fees. Incomplete applications will be denied.

Download the Event Coordinator Application for Tasting Events, Conventions, and Trade Shows.

How do I prepare for my inspection? The Event Coordinator should review the Tasting Event Checklist to assure proper set-up prior to inspection.

Event Coordinator Checklist for Tasting Events:

Additional information may be found in the 2010 Regulations: Chapter 15 and Appendix I Event Coordinator Guidelines.

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