//Instructions for Submission of Plans

Instructions for Submission of Plans

  1. Contact the health district, plan review section at 759-1258 regarding applicable fees. Plan review fees are valid for one year from the date of the original submission.
  2. A fee for missed plan review appointments will be charged. Cancellations will need to be made 24 hours in advance.
  3. Submit one set of complete plans including (but not limited to):
    1. Floor plan layouts, showing the location, size and type of fixtures and equipment.
    2. Plumbing, lighting and mechanical layouts.
    3. A schedule of interior finishes.
    4. Applicable equipment lists, showing type, manufacturer, and model numbers.
    5. Elevation sheets on plumbing fixtures.
    6. Playground plan layout, including specifications on playground equipment and associated protective surfacing.
  4. Be sure all contractors, subcontractors, etc. are made aware of all corrections and/or stipulations of the Health District.
  5. Mistakes or omissions on the plans do not constitute approval of the mistakes or omissions. Proper development of the project is your responsibility and the responsibility of the various parties concerned.
  6. There will be an additional fee for submittal of revised plans.
  7. Periodic site inspections will be conducted during construction at operator or contractor request.
  8. Establishments may not open until after the final construction and opening inspections have been made and a health permit to operate has been issued.
  9. There will be a re-inspection fee if a final inspection is requested and the facility is not ready for the final inspection. The re-inspection fee must be paid prior to scheduling another final inspection.
  10. Final construction inspections must not be scheduled until all systems and equipment are operational. Access to all aforementioned areas must be available with a responsible person on site at the scheduled time.
  11. Preliminary/Advisory office plan review meeting or field survey can be scheduled upon request of the public for a fee.
  12. You or your representatives must contact any other programs relevant to your project within this agency separately, i.e., Individual Sewage Disposal System (Septic Tank), Safe Drinking Water Programs, Underground Storage Tanks, Pools or Child Care.
  13. Contact with the Clark County Air Quality Division must be made for required permit for Air Quality regulations.

Contact Information

Telephone: (702) 759-0588


Updated on: June 20, 2019