Dog-friendly Patio Waiver

A waiver is a written agreement between the Southern Nevada Health District and the permit holder that authorizes a modification of a regulatory requirement. A waiver may be granted by modifying or waiving the requirements of the Regulations Governing the Sanitation of Food Establishments if public health and safety will not be impacted as a result of the approved waiver.

Requesting a Waiver for a Dog-Friendly Patio should not be entered into lightly – there are serious concerns regarding disease transmission and customer safety that must be understood by the applicant.

The signed agreement states that the applicant understands and agrees that nothing in the conditions of an approved waiver may be interpreted or construed to be in conflict with the Americans with Disability Act, and that the waiver does not address safeguards to potential animal behavior – damage to persons and animals related to animal interactions are beyond the scope of this waiver and are the sole responsibility of the applicant.

  1. Submit a completed waiver application with supporting documents to FoodRev@snhd.org for processing.
  2. Supporting documents must include:
    1. Patron Rules – Must be posted conspicuously at the Dog Friendly Patio. Must describe the responsibilities of the dog owner while dining at your facility.
    2. Employee patio cleanup procedures – Must specify the following:
      • The responsibilities of the employees when an incident occurs on the patio which requires cleanup.
      • Who is responsible for deep cleaning the patio (cannot be a food handler)
      • The frequency of deep cleaning
      • How the materials used for cleaning will be stored separately from any foodservice items.
    3. Signage as needed to designate the area as a Dog Friendly Patio
    4. A Signed Agreement (page 2 of the application)
    5. A menu (if there are menu items for dogs)
    6. A site plan or map of the premises which shows:
      • The location of the patio area
      • Where dogs will enter and exit
      • Where the covered trashcans are located
  3. The applicant will receive an invoice for $118 via email. Once paid, the waiver is reviewed by a supervisor.
  4. After review, an approval letter will be emailed to the applicant if all of the below criteria are met:
    • Waiver only applies to dogs (Canis familiaris);
    • Dogs will only access the patio area by means of the outdoor patio;
    • The dog dining area will be segregated from the general patio dining area and marked as such;
    • Dogs must remain on the floor, and may not be allowed on seats, benches, and tables, or other furniture, or to be held by the owner at any time;
    • Restaurant staff/employees will not touch, directly serve, or bus the dishes of a dog allowed on the patio – patrons will be advised that such activities are solely the responsibility of the dog owner;
    • In cases where excrement or other bodily fluids (feces, urine, vomit) are deposited on the premises of the patio, a staff member/employee shall immediately provide a disposable waste bag and customer clean up kit to use to clean the area;
    • Waste cleanup kit will contain nitrile gloves, liquid absorbent, a scoop, a scraper to be used to remove soil matter;
    • Staff will maintain a final clean up kit containing disinfectant, mops and other tools to complete the cleanup and disinfection of the area – these tools will not be used for other purposes; Staff will wash hands after cleaning up;
    • Stanchions /cones will be provided to isolate the area while the disinfectant dries;
    • A dispenser stand for dog waste bags shall be provided and conveniently placed for patron use.

Contact Information

Phone: (702) 759-1258


Updated on: September 3, 2021