Vending Machine Companies

The purpose of this requirement sheet is to provide guidance regarding the minimum standards for the design, construction and equipment of packaged food vending machine company warehouses and for the machines used to dispense potentially-hazardous products such as pre-packaged sandwiches.

See the Regulations Governing Sanitation of Food Establishments, Chapter 9 for complete regulatory requirements.

  1. Vending Machine Warehouse: Warehousing of pre-packaged, non-hazardous or canned products in original boxes or pallets, with minimum breakdown. Minimum requirements:
    1. Sealed, smooth concrete or tile floors.
    2. Smooth and cleanable wall surfacing.
    3. Twenty foot/candles of light at 30 inches above the floor.
    4. Light fixtures must be protected from accidental breakage.
    5. Ceiling without exposed insulation (scrim-sheeting minimum).
    6. Base-coving (epoxy grout “cove” allowed on concrete-block wall-to-concrete floor junctures).
    7. Air curtain(s), dock “boot” seals, doors with weather-stripping or other approved method for control of dust, rodents, insects and birds. Requirements vary depending upon proposed use.
    8. A restroom (with commode and lavatory) within the facility, serviced with hot and cold water, approved soap and disposable towels, adequate ventilation, and a self-closing door.
    9. A mop-sink with hot and cold pressurized water service. If only providing a hose bib, the restroom lavatory must have a provision for filling a mop bucket and disposing of mop water. If hoses are attached to a sink faucet, the faucet must have at least an atmospheric vacuum breaker attached.
    10. Racks and/or shelving, with 6 inch clearance between the floor and the bottom shelf.
    11. Palletized goods storage areas must have a “clear zone” of 18 inches between the walls and the pallets to facilitate rodent control and general cleaning, and for inspection access.
  2. Refrigerated Vending Machine Warehouse: Refrigerated warehousing of pre-packaged food products. Minimum requirements– all of the above, plus:
    1. NSF Standard 7 Refrigeration/freezer units, either walk-in, roll-in, or reach-in. Units meeting the requirements of NSFI/ANSI 7, section 5.36, and the labeling requirements of NSFI/ANSI 7, 5.34.9 (prefabricated walk-in and roll-in refrigerators and freezers used for the storage of food in the original sealed packaged must be labeled: “This equipment is intended for the storage of food in the original sealed package only.”) are acceptable for “warehousing” operations. Twenty foot/candles are required in refrigerators and freezers.
    2. Refrigeration condensate properly drained to a floor-sink or by another approved method.
  3. Vending Machines Used for Potentially-Hazardous (TCS) Foods:
    1. All vending machine units used for the display or sale of potentially hazardous food shall be constructed and certified according to NSF/ANSI or NAMA, and may not be modified. Vending machines dispensing potentially hazardous food shall have automatic controls which, in the event of a power failure, mechanical failure, or other condition resulting in unsafe temperatures, prevent it from dispensing potentially hazardous food until it has been serviced and reset by the operator. The temperature specified for shut-off activation may deviate from the temperature and for a time immediately after the machine is filled, serviced, or restocked as follows if:
      1. The ambient air temperature of the cold holding vending machine rises above 41°F±2° for not more than 30 minutes.
      2. The ambient air temperature of the hot holding vending machine falls below 135°F±2 for not more than 120 minutes.
    2. Vending machines shall have a thermometer that is accurate to ±2°F, located in the warmest part of cold food machines, and in the coolest part of hot food machines. The thermometer shall be easily readable from the outside of the unit.
    3. The company name and telephone number of the operator of the vending machine, the health permit number, and the vending unit number shall be prominently displayed on the vending machine.
  4. Labeling: All foods must be properly labeled. Download the Labeling Guide PDF 88KB for details.

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