Food Processing Facilities

A food processing establishment means a commercial operation that manufactures, packages, labels, or stores food for human consumption, and may provide food for sale or distribution to other business entities such as retail food establishments.  Processing may include any establishment that cans food, or packages food in a modified atmosphere, or processes vitamins, food supplements, food additives, spices, tea, coffee, salsa, jelly or jam, condiments, or candy.

Food processing facilities must meet the applicable requirements of the Regulations Governing the Sanitation of Food Establishments, including:

  • Chapter 3, section 502 Special Processes, which included smoking, curing, brining, reduced oxygen packaging such as canning, jarring, vacuum-sealing, cook-chill/sous-vide, and any other packaging if the food will be placed in a non-oxygen permeable package.
  • Chapter 4 Equipment- Food processing establishments often encounter challenges, such as the need for custom industrial equipment not certified through normal channels, such as NSF, UL, or ETL. Applicants may take one of the following steps to get processing equipment approved by the Health Authority:
    • Comply with all general design and construction criteria as specified in Section 4-201.11 of this Chapter.
    • Be used only with written approval by the Health Authority. Additional information may be required for approval, which may include but not be limited to:
      • Requirements for laboratory or field testing as a basis for approval.
      • Specific use limitations based on identified risk factors.
      • Written proof of approval by a governmental agency, including but not limited to the FDA or USDA.
  • Chapter 5 Water, Plumbing, Waste
  • Chapter 6 Floors, Walls, Ceilings
  • Chapter 9 Warehouse Area

Proprietary information may be protected from public record at the request the applicant.

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Updated on: July 11, 2021