///Farmers Market Ancillary Food Service

Farmers Market Ancillary Food Service

The purpose of this page is to provide guidance regarding the minimum standards for equipment and structure of Farmer’s Market Ancillary Food Service Permits operated in conjunction with a Farmers Market.


Ancillary Food Establishment means any food establishment that is operated in conjunction with a farmer’s market which sells or gives away food other than farm produce or processed farm products, which includes but is not limited to low and high-risk ancillary food establishments.

Commissary means a fixed non-mobile food establishment for the storage and preparation of food to be sold or served at Farmers’ Markets. A commissary may also serve as a servicing depot for the servicing and cleaning of equipment.

Farmers Market means a place of business where the actual producer of farm products or a representative designated by the producer and possessing the producer’s produce certificates of farm products, can bring their products for direct sale to consumers.

Farmers Market Ancillary Permit Requirements

  1. Meet all applicable requirements of Farmers Markets and Ancillary Food Establishments;
  2. Be site-specific for each Farmer’s Market location (may operate at multiple Farmer’s Market locations, but not at the same time);
  3. All food products must be from an approved source;
  4. Have third-party sanitation-certified equipment (ANSI/NSF standards), wares, and food contact surfaces, as applicable;
  5. Be within 200 feet of an approvable restroom
    1. Indoor: Functional toilets, hot (100°F) & cold or tempered pressurized water service at lavatory, dispenser-fed soap & towels, ventilated with self-closing door.
    2. Outdoor: Portable toilets, portable hand-washing station, dispenser-fed soap & towels.
  6. Have a remote permitted support kitchen/commissary (use authorization letter required from support kitchen/commissary permittee), that is capable of supporting the proposed operation.
  7. All equipment and wares must be transported to the support kitchen/commissary for cleaning;
  8. All equipment and wares must be capable of maintaining protection from contamination for all food products;
  9. All transport equipment for PHF/TCS food must be third-party sanitation-certified equipment to appropriate ANSI/NSF standards, and capable of maintaining required temperatures and providing protection from contamination.
  10. Open food handling requires a portable hand washing sink provided with tempered, 90°F±2°-110°F±2°, running water which drains to an enclosed integral waste water tank, or if a portable or plumbed hand washing sink is not available, a container with a hands-free pressurized flow of tempered water into a wash basin. Such hand washing set-ups must have a sufficient amount of hot water generating or holding capacity of no less than 5 gallons of potable water.
  11. Outdoor operations must have overhead protection.
  12. Operations must provide customer interface food-shield protection as necessary.
  13. Adequate vermin control must be present and open-air food handling may be conditionally limited on the permit.

Items Prohibited from Being Offered/Sold at a Farmer’s Market

  1. Milk, milk products, reduced oxygen packaging products, raw fish, and raw shellstock.
  2. Leftover food products
  3. Non-dairy creaming, whitening, or whipping agents that are reconstituted on the premises.
  4. Any food products returned by a customer.
  5. Packaged Ice
  6. Re-use of metal cans, or other such food containers, for the purpose of cooking, preparing, or storing food,
  7. Dumping wash water, rinse water, or wastewater onto the ground.
  8. Rinsing of food and utensils in hand washing sinks.
  9. Any PHF/TCS farm products displayed for exhibit purposes shall not be sold.
  10. Food products from a foreign country
  11. Food prepared or processed at an unapproved source.
  12. Uncertified non-graded whole shell eggs.
  13. Common cloth towels used for hand washing.

Contact Information

Phone: (702) 759-1258


Updated on: July 11, 2021

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