///Outbreak Prevention and Response: Outbreak Investigating Procedures

Outbreak Prevention and Response: Outbreak Investigating Procedures

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Outbreak Investigation Procedures

When reports of illness come in, the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) staff immediately take action with the ultimate goal of protecting the health of Clark County residents and visitors.
Reports of illness come from three main sources:

  1. The public can report their illness directly to SNHD by using our illness reporting line (702) 759-1300 or through our online reporting form.
  2. Healthcare professionals who diagnose a reportable disease are required by law to notify SNHD staff.
  3. Other jurisdictions who identify an ill person who may have been exposed in or have contact in Southern Nevada will notify SNHD with the information.

Once received, Health District staff review each report of illness and look for trends. Staff will often conduct phone interviews to collect a food or location history, or to identify close contacts who may also have been exposed.

If a common event or location is identified among multiple reports, then Health District staff will conduct an environmental assessment at the shared site. The goal of the environmental assessment is to identify any potential routes of illness transmission at that location and to work with person in charge to implement corrective actions to prevent additional illness transmission. Health District staff may continue to follow up with the person in charge throughout the outbreak depending on the findings or on the extent of illness spread. Locations with SNHD permits may be closed, if necessary, to halt the spread of illness.

SNHD staff is dedicated to working with the community and the persons in charge of the outbreak location to quickly identify and halt the spread of illness.

For more information on the investigation process:

Contact Information

Telephone: (702) 759-0588


Updated on:  March 15, 2021