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Vomit Cleanup
What to do if you suspect an outbreak

Vomit is a major source of contamination during outbreaks. In fact, one vomiting incident can spread 300,000 viral particles up to 25 feet, and only 10-18 viral particles are necessary to cause illness in some cases (FDA 2017 Food Code, pg 400). Refer to the resources on this page to ensure that your facility is prepared to clean up vomiting incidents and other biohazard events completely and safely. This is a crucial step to controlling outbreaks and preventing ongoing transmission.

Vomiting Larry Video
Watch how easily one vomiting event can contaminate a wide area, and how common clean up procedures can be inadequate, accidentally leading to further contamination.

Vomit Cleanup Demonstration Video
Watch how an ill food worker can contaminate the kitchen by showing up to work with symptoms of foodborne illness. A thorough description of proper vomit clean up begins at minute 2:25.

EPA List of Disinfectants
Not sure if the chemicals you are using will kill the germs you need to fight? Follow this link for the EPA’s list of approved disinfectants.

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Updated on:  November 2, 2020