New 2010 Regulation Requirements

The new 2010 regulation requirements will assist operators in identifying new requirements in the 2010 Regulations Governing the Sanitation of Food Establishments and/or the Food Establishment Inspection Report. PDF 100KB

The information is for general guidance only and does not constitute a complete list. If you have any questions, contact your district inspector.

Critical Violations (5 demerits)
#New Requirement (regulation reference)
1Time as a control (3-501.19)
1HACCP plan/operational plan/waiver/ROP (3-201, 3-502, 4-101)
1Highly susceptible populations (3-801.11)
2No bare hand contact with ready-to-eat (RTE) food (3-301)
2Slash-resistant gloves in direct contact with RTE food must be smooth, non-absorbent (3-304.15)
3Wild mushrooms not from an approved source (3-201.11)
3Packaged juice must be pasteurized or have HACCP plan with 5-log reduction (3-201.14)
3Meat, poultry and unpasteurized eggs packaged for retail sale with safe handling instructions (3-201.11)
3Parasite destruction freezing or documentation for raw or undercooked fish (3-402)
4Handsink water temp minimum 100˚F (5-202.11)
6Packaged raw potentially hazardous food [PHF(TCS)] within shelf life (1-202 Adulterated, 3-101.11)
6RTE PHF (TCS) 7 day shelf life (3-501.17)
6Water from finfish tanks not commingled with molluscan shellfish tanks (4-202.24)
6ROP food within required time frames (3-502)
8PHF (TCS) cooled from ambient temperature to 41˚F within 4 hours (3-501.14)
8ROP food cooled properly (3-502.13)
9Cut leafy greens stored ≤41˚F ambient temperature; cut tomatoes ≤41˚F (3-501.14)
9ROP food at proper temperature (3-201.13, 3-502.13)
10NCIAA (8-204, 4-103)
Major Violations (3 demerits)
#New Requirement (regulation reference)
11Raw animal products stored to prevent cross contamination (3-302.11)
11Raw animal products self service limitations (3-306.13)
11Bottled and canned beverages openings not submerged in contaminated water (3-307.11, 4-201.19)
11Flowers – proper refrigerated storage (3-307.11)
12Chemicals not used in operation or maintenance prohibited from establishment (7-202.11)
12Fruit or vegetable wash approved (7-204.12)
12Chemicals labeled with danger statement (7-101.11, 7-102.11)
12Employee refrigerated medication inside a sealed leak proof container (7-207.12)
12Pesticides separated from other chemicals, in locked cabinet (7-201.11)
13Dispenser/pouring container not contaminated by customer drink (3-304.16)
14Cold room equipment/utensil washed and sanitized per time/temperature requirement (4-401.11)
14Un-used preset tableware removed upon customer seating or after customer service (4-604.11)
14Food equipment rented/loaned to public cleaned upon return (4-402.11)
14Separate three compartment sink available in area that prepares raw animal food for RTE (4-202.12)
14Sanitizer bucket (except red), sanitizer spray bottle, and/or soap bucket labeled (4-407.11, 7-102.11)
16No Household-use pesticides/insect baits (7-206.11)
16Pesticides approved by NV Dept of Agriculture (7-206.11)
16Automatic spray dispensers not located directly above or within 15 feet of food (7-206.11)
16Pesticide application records maintained for 2 years (7-206.11)
18Thermometer in hot and cold holding equipment properly provided/affixed (4-202.11)
18Electronic monitoring required for ROP food at 34°F or 38°F (3-502.13)
19Thawing with cold running water – product fully submerged (3-501.13)
20Plastic tubing for dispensing beverages directly into a consumer’s mouth not reused (4-604.11)
21Person in charge (PIC) available and demonstrates knowledge (2-201.11, 8-205.11)
23Current “B” or “C” grade card or closure sign posted conspicuously (8-204.12)
23Consumer advisory reminder and disclosure for raw or undercooked animal products (3-401.11, 3-603.11)
23Unpasteurized juice processed and packaged on site, warning requirements (3-404.11)
23HACCP plan/operational plan/waiver records or logs maintained (3-502.13, 4-101.13, 4-101.14)
Minor Violations (1 demerit)
#New Requirements (regulation reference)
25Ice packaged for off-premises consumption labeled properly (3-206.16)
25Food packaged for off-premises consumption labeled properly (3-602.11)
25Bulk food for customer self-service labeled properly (3-602.11)
25Damaged, spoiled, or recalled food separated and labeled (6-402.11)
25PHF (TCS) food properly date labeled (7 days) (3-501.17)
25Shellfish tags kept in chronological order (3-203.11)
25ROP product labeled properly (including all dates pertaining to shelf life) (3-502.13)
26Three compartment sink with two integral drain boards (4-202.12, 4-202.13)
26Ware washing machine data plate legible and accurate (4-202.13)
26Ware washing machine water pressure 15 to 25 psi (4-202.13, 4-405.11)
27Thermometer available for three compartment sink (4-204.12)
27Wiping cloths laundered or removed from service daily and stored separately (3-304.14, 4-503.11)
27Laundered linens stored in approved area (4-203.11, 4-603.11)
27Wiping cloths mechanically washed by operator or laundry service (4-202.16, 4-505.11)
29In-use utensils stored in standing water <41°F or >135°F, cleaned/replaced every 4 hours (3-304.12)
29Bulk milk dispenser tube trimmed properly (4-302.16)
31Facility has effective employee health policy; PIC and/or foodhandler aware of policy (2-201.11)
31A grade card posted conspicuously (8-204.12)
32Employee restrooms within same building and conveniently located during business hours (5-204.11)
32Interior trash cans lined with plastic bags (5-501.14)
32Containers used for multi-purposes labeled “garbage only” (3-302.12)
32No food waste disposals, grinders or digestion systems in use (5-503.11)
32Mop sink provided (5-203.11)
33Bottled drink/beverages kept cold by ice stored in unit that is self-draining (4-201.19)
33Bottled and canned beverage openings not submerged below (clear) ice water level (4-201.19)
33Service sink with functional hot and cold water (5-203.11)
33Non-potable water lines labeled (5-205.18)
33Wet zones are lined with FRP (6-201.16)
33Walls exposed to splash or spray covered with impervious material to a height of 8 feet (6-201.16)

Specialty Permit Categories

Requirements for specialty permit categories are in addition to the requirements in chapters 1-8.

Outdoor Barbecues
#New Requirement (regulation reference)
13No customers within 5 feet of barbecue (6-601.15)
13Food shield present if consumer is within 30 inches of RTE foods (6-601.20)

(free standing as well as warehousing areas of grocery stores and casinos)

#New Requirement (regulation reference)
16Pest control provided by licensed pest control operator with an integrated pest control plan (9-302.19)
25Shelving depth/floor clearance ≤36 inch shelf with 6 inches clearance; >36 inch shelf with 12 inches clearance (9-202.11)
25Pallet to wall clearance 12 inches if moved weekly, 18 inches if moved less frequently or pest infestation. (9-202.11)
25Food rotated by FIFO (9-302.11)
33Mop sink provided as required (9-202.11)
33Temperature of warehouse maintained between 65-90°F (9-202.11)
15Warehouse processing live shellstock, lobsters, or frogs, etc. with handwashing sink (9-204.11)
26Warehouse processing live shellstock, lobsters, or frogs, etc. with three compartment sink (9-204.11)
33Warehouse processing live shellstock, lobsters, or frogs, etc with floor drains to sewer (9-204.11)
*Holding tank structure and operation for live aquatic animals (compliance by 11/1/2012) (9-204.12)
*Live molluscan, crustacean and finfish storage (compliance by 11/1/2012) (9-304.13)
Portable Units
#New Requirement (regulation reference)
2Portable bar operated within 15 feet of a wall-hung or portable handwashing sink (11-201.11, 11-303.11)
11Portable unit for outside operation with approved overhead protection (11-405.11)
28Three or less approved accessory units, including portable handsink (11-201.11)
28Accessory units not larger than (length and width) and within 15 feet of portable unit (11-201.11)
28Identification plate permanently affixed (11-404.11)
31Grade card posted on portable unit visible to the public (11-404.11)
#New Requirement (regulation reference)
15Handsink (NSF) available at event or remote service site with dish-up or open food handling (12-305.11)
23Transport temperature logs maintained and provided to Health Authority upon request (12-303.13)
Seasonal Food Establishments
#New Requirement (regulation reference)
11Overhead protection at an outdoor facility (14-203.14)
23Service logs maintained properly at the commissary (14-303.13)
23Transport temperature logs maintained (4-303.17)
Seasonal Food Establishment on Pool Deck/within Pool Barrier (14-203.14(E))
#New Requirement (regulation reference)
1No glass or breakable items except glass liquor and mixer bottles under the control of a foodhandler
1Bar/food units located away from edge of pool, not obstructing access to deck or necessary fixtures
1Bar/food units located away from standing water
1Bar/food units broken down, covered, protected, and stored when not in use
1Electrical connections GFCI protected and testable
1Electrical connections not in wet areas and do not pass across walkways used by bathers
1Operational plan (including that no food or drink to be consumed within 4 feet of any pool or spa)

# violation number on the Food Establishment Inspection Report.
* various violation numbers


Updated on: October 10, 2018

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