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What requirements does a person need to complete before working as a food handler in Southern Nevada?2018-08-31T13:15:46-07:00

Before a person begins employment in a food establishment, he or she must successfully complete online food safety training in association with the application process to obtain a food handler health card as issued by the Southern Nevada Health District.

A person employed as a food handler in a permitted food establishment must possess a food hander card and maintain it at his or her work station or on his or her person so that it is available for review by the Health Authority.

The training offered to obtain the food handler health card covers basic food safety knowledge that anyone employed in or operating a food establishment, who handles, stores, transports, prepares, manufactures, serves, or sells food or who comes in contact with eating or cooking utensils or other equipment used in the handling, preparation, manufacture, service, or sale of food should know.

Is a health card or food safety training the same as Person-In Charge Training?2018-08-31T13:17:23-07:00

No. A person-in-charge (PIC) of a food establishment is not only responsible for how he or she handles food, but also is responsible for the actions of food handlers under his or her supervision. The PIC is responsible for assuring the food establishment’s compliance with the regulations.

Food establishments must have a knowledgeable PIC present during all hours of operation. Knowledge can be demonstrated either by the facility being in compliance with the regulations as determined by the facility having no critical or major violations during an inspection, the PIC responding correctly to the inspector’s questions related to the specific food operations of the facility or the PIC being a certified food protection manager.

To be certified, the PIC has studied coursework and taken a proctored examination through a program that is evaluated and listed by a Conference for Food Protection recognized accrediting agency as conforming to the Conference for Food Protection Standards for Accreditation of Food Protection Manager Certification Programs.

The health district does not offer coursework for manager certification, but our Food Safety Related Website webpage provides a link to one of the accredited options: How to become a certified food protection manager: www.nrn.com

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