Red Tagged Equipment

Red tags are placed on equipment that is in service but not working as required or intended by the regulations.

Inspectors place a red tag on the equipment, such as hot/cold holding equipment, ice machines, and dish machines, to inform the employees not to use this piece of equipment.

Do Not Use Red Tagged Equipment

If a red tag is on a food storage unit, remove all food and keep empty.

Red tags can only be removed by an inspector. Per regulation 8-208.11 if the red tag is removed and/or the unit is placed back into service without approval from the health district, the facility will be downgraded to the next lower grade and applicable fees will be assessed.

Before contacting the health district to release the equipment for use, ensure the following conditions are met depending on the item red tagged:

  • Dish machine is operating in accordance with manufacturer data plate.
  • Ice machines are free of contaminants, cleaned and sanitized.
  • Hot/Cold Holding Equipment
    • Hot holding equipment must be capable of holding food at 135°F or above in the coldest section of the unit.
    • Cold holding equipment must be capable of holding food at 41°F or below in the warmest section of the unit.
    • Verify the unit is operating properly by checking the temperature of a glass of water or a test sample of food using a thermometer that you have assured is properly calibrated. PDF 248KB

Like for Like equipment may be purchased as a replacement for a unit that cannot easily be repaired. The replacement equipment must have NSF or equivalent certification.

Contingency Plans may be used only if approved by the health district and if doing so will protect public health and keep the food safe. Examples may include using time as a control or ice baths to keep the food at required temperature until the unit is repaired. Contingency plans must be limited in scope and time.

Call the inspector when the unit is ready for red tag removal. Your inspector may be reached by calling (702) 759-1110 during normal business hours.

Contact Information

Telephone: (702) 759-0588


Updated on: October 10, 2018

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