Employee Health Policy

The Regulations Governing the Sanitation of Food Establishments, Chapter 2, Section 2, Employee Health, requires that a permit holder, person in charge, food handlers and conditional food handlers reduce the risk of transmission of foodborne disease transmission by:

    1. Reporting symptoms such as:
      • Vomiting*
      • Diarrhea*
      • Jaundice
      • Sore throat with fever
      • Infected cuts or burns on hands and wrists

*Note: Employees should not return to work until free of symptoms for at least 24 hours.

  1. Excluding employees from handling food when diagnosed with an illness that can be transmitted through food such as:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) developed the Employee Health and Personal Hygiene Handbook to assist Food Establishment management to set in place procedures to identify and restrict/exclude employees who may transmit foodborne pathogens in food. It also provides hygienic interventions that prevent the transmission of foodborne viruses and bacteria in food establishments.

The handbook contains a food employee agreement template that outlines responsibility to notify the employer of reportable symptoms and illnesses that can be transmitted through food. Following the steps outlined can help prevent the spread of disease in the food served by employees.

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Updated on: October 10, 2018