2014 THINK RISK Initiative

In 2013, the Southern Nevada Health District increased the focus on controlling foodborne illness (FBI) risk factors in food establishments. The food inspection report PDF 85KB form was modified to focus more on those violations that have the most impact on food safety and consumer protection. Violations that do not have an immediate risk of FBI are no longer assessed demerit score.

All food establishments received education on Reducing FBI Risk Factors, what risk factors were associated with their type of food operation, and how these risk factors relate to the inspection process and the inspection report form.

In 2014, reinforcement of these food safety principles will continue. The Environmental Health inspection team will continue to reinforce these food safety principles with food establishment operators and relating them specifically to the food processes that are taking place in their food establishment. The Person in Charge (PIC) is encouraged to print the Reducing FBI Risk Factors handout, conduct a self inspection of each work area in their food operation and start asking:

  1. What are some of the potential FBI risk factors in this work area?
  2. How have I trained my staff to control those risk factors?

There are a number of documents on the Food Establishment Resource Library (FERL) that can increase food safety knowledge and assist you in training your staff. The correlation between the inspection report violations and FBI risk factors are outlined in the Inspection Violations and Foodborne Illness Risk webpage.

The PIC should not wait until the health district inspector arrives for a routine inspection. If you have questions about running a safe food operation, contact your inspector or the supervisor by calling the Food Operations inspection line, (702) 759-1110.

If you are struggling to understand the food safety concepts and how they apply to your food operation, you can also contact the health district’s Environmental Health training office at (702) 759-0500.

A health district representative will determine your educational needs. If a meeting at your facility is appropriate to assist you with putting safe food practice strategies into place, the representative will schedule it at a time that will allow you to discuss your operation and walk the area.

Through June 30, 2014, this meeting and site visit will be provided to those struggling with food safety at no cost. We ask that you take the information and assistance provided and implement it into your staff training and daily assessment of your operation. The PIC of a food establishment is ultimately responsible for assuring safe food is served to the public. Think Risk should be an integral part of the plan for all food establishments in Clark County.

Contact Information

Telephone: (702) 759-0588


Updated on: October 10, 2018

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