Reducing Foodborne Illness Risk Factors Resource Guide

The following risk factors are major causes of foodborne illness (FBI). The Southern Nevada Health District’s food regulations mirror the FDA Food Code, focusing on the control of FBI risk factors in permitted food establishments in Clark County. The five major risk factors include:

      1. Poor Personal Hygiene
        • Improper hand washing and/or not washing hands when necessary.
        • Bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods.
        • Foodservice employees working while sick with symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat with fever, jaundice or infected cuts or burns on hands and wrists.

        Resources available to increase proper personal hygiene in your establishment:

      2. Food from Unsafe Sources
        • Food from unapproved food sources and/or prepared in unpermitted locations
        • Receipt of adulterated food

        Resources available to reduce the amount of food from unsafe sources in your establishment:

      3. Improper Cooking Temperatures/Methods
        • Cooking
        • Reheating
        • Freezing (kill step to eliminate parasites in fish)

        Resources available to ensure proper cooking temperatures and proper parasite destruction in your establishment:

      4. Improper Holding, Time and Temperature
        • Improper hot and cold holding of potentially hazardous food (PHF)
        • Lack of date/time marking for ready-to-eat PHF/improper use of time as a control
        • Improper cooling of PHF

        Resources available to maintain proper holding, time and temperature in your establishment:

      5. Food Contamination
        • Use of contaminated and/or improperly constructed equipment
        • Poor employee practices
        • Improper food storage and/or preparation
        • Exposure to chemicals

Resources to reduce contaminated equipment and cross-contamination in your establishment:

Regulators and food service operators must work together to prevent foodborne illness in our community.

  • The role of the health district is to provide for proper regulation, operator guidance and operator compliance evaluation.
  • The role of operators is to provide safe procedures, staff training, monitoring and corrective action in their food establishments.


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Updated on: October 10, 2018