Record Keeping

In accordance with the 2010 Regulations Governing the Sanitation of Food Establishments, there are specific circumstances where various forms of documentation, such as logs, records, or invoices, are required. Required documentation must be kept on-site for a specific amount of time as detailed in the regulations.

In many cases, recordkeeping assists the person in charge of a food establishment to achieve active managerial control by holding employees accountable for monitoring food, equipment and procedures in the facility. Although not required by regulation, such effective record keeping enhances food safety and compliance with the regulations.

The below table provides a list of topics that either require documentation or where documentation is recommended to achieve active managerial control. This information is for general guidance only and does not constitute a complete list of required and recommended documentation.

RequiredTopic DescriptionSectionAvailable Documentation
xApproved source – the health authority may request records to verify3-201.11
xMaintaining shellstock identification (tags or labels)3-203.11
xPreventing contamination from hands (hand washing documentation, if needed)3-301.11 / Appendix K
Cooking temperatures3-401Logs
xParasite destruction records (freezing temperatures); creation & retention3-402.11 /
xThawing (temperature logs verifying compliance)3-501.13(D)
Refrigeration temperatures3-501.16Logs
Hot holding temperatures3-501.16Logs
xTime as a public health control logs/documentation3-501.19
xSpecialized processing methods (HACCP Plans/Waivers)3.502HACCP Plans
xCooling and cold holding refrigerator time/temperature records (per submitted HACCP plan)3.502.13
(2F, 3, 4)
xWaiver modifications (submissions, if needed)4-101.13Waiver Requests
xContents of HACCP plan4-101.15HACCP Plans
xUncategorized food establishment documentation4-103.11A(4)
Three compartment sink: wash solution temperature4-204.12Handouts
Ware washing machines: hot water sanitization temperature4-204.14(E)Logs
Ware washing machines: chemical sanitizer concentration4-204.14(F)Logs
Food temperature measuring devices (thermometer calibration)4-302.13Logs
Non-food temperature and pressure measuring devices4-302.14Logs
xSystem flushing and disinfection documentation5-101.12
Hand washing sink water temperature5-202.11Handouts
xScheduling Inspection & Service for Water System Device records5-206.11
xRestricted Use Pesticides, Criteria (Pest control records)7-206.11D(6)
xContents of the Health Permit Application8-202.13
xElements of a Compliance Schedule8-207.11A
xWarehouse Sub-Leases documentation, if needed9-301.12
xRefrigerated warehouses non-commercial vehicle transportation temperature log9-303.13B(4)
xVending machine food transportation vehicle temperature log9-306.13C(4)
xWarehouse record retention and product inventory9-401.11
A & B
xMolluscan shellstock HACCP Plan/Molluscan shellstock tank monitoring records & logs9-401.11CHACCP Plan
xSalvage facilities records/receipts9-401.11D
xWarehouse receiving temperature logs/records (invoices)9-401.11E(1)
xAmbient air temperature log of refrigerated compartment of transport vehicles9-401.11E(2)
xTemperature logs of all refrigeration units within the warehouse9-401.11E(3)
xCommissary or servicing depot visits log (for mobile food vendor)10-703
xCatering food temperature logs – prior to transport12-303.13A
xCatering food temperature logs – upon arrival12-303.13C
xFarmers Markets food source documentation13-401.13
xSeasonal permit holder commissary service log14-303.13
xSeasonal permit commissary PHF temperature log for open food handling-prior to transport14-303.17B
xSeasonal permit PHF temperature log for open food handling-upon arrival at site14-303.17C


Updated on: October 10, 2018