Logs & Templates

Logs are fillable tools used to monitor and verify food safety practices.

Templates are basic outlines of standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and policies that can be tailored to your facility.

Food Safety Logs and Templates
1.Time as a Public Health Control TemplatePDF
2.Cooling LogPDF
3.Re-Opening after an Imminent Health Hazard ChecklistPDF
4.Time as a Public Health Control LogPDF
5.Refrigerator Temperature LogPDF
6.Chemical Sanitizing Ware Washing Machine LogPDF
7.Food Safety Daily ChecklistPDF
8.Employee Absence/Illness LogPDF
9.Hot Holding Temperature LogPDF
10.Cooking Temperature LogPDF
11.Parasite Destruction LogPDF
12.Thermometer Calibration/Verification LogPDF
13.High Temperature Ware Washing Machine LogPDF

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Updated on: January 27, 2020