///Requirements for Outdoor Barbecue Facilities Built & Operated in Association with a Permitted Food Establishment

Requirements for Outdoor Barbecue Facilities Built & Operated in Association with a Permitted Food Establishment

This document is intended as a guideline for the construction and permitting of an outdoor barbecue, which is operated in conjunction with a permitted food establishment.

See the Regulations Governing Sanitation of Food Establishments, Section 6-601 for complete regulatory requirements.


Barbecue means an area or facility at a food establishment, or other approved area, other than the main area for preparing food that has equipment for cooking food. An outdoor barbecue permit is conditionally limited in that it may not be used during a dust storm, flood, an infestation of insects, vermin, or under any other circumstances where the protection of food cannot be ensured.

Outdoor Barbecue Requirements

An outdoor barbecue shall meet the following requirements:

  1. A narrative describing the operation of the barbecue, including the flow of food to and from the barbecue area, thawing, preparation, transport, cold and hot holding, cooling of cooked food, and service. Methods for preparing food, and the kinds of food to be cooked at a barbecue, shall be approved by the Health Authority.
  2. Proof of compliance with local building/fire codes, or ordinances shall be provided, in writing, to the Health Authority, before the plan review for a barbecue may be completed.

Site Requirements

  1. The barbecue shall be located on the property where the food establishment is located, and cannot be more than 50 feet from the structure housing the establishment.
  2. The site of the barbecue shall drain properly to ensure that water will not pool, collect, cause a health hazard, or otherwise impair the environment. The walking surfaces within 25 feet of the barbecue shall be capable of being kept clean and free of organic materials.
  3. The area underlying the barbecue shall be a hard, cleanable surface.
  4. The barbecue shall be located in an open area with no overhanging trees, wires, or other impediments above the barbecue.
  5. A fixed in place, or permanent barbecue, shall not be located in a parking lot.

Structure Requirements

  1. All areas at an outdoor barbecue, with the exception of the barbecue cooking device, shall be provided with overhead protection.
  2. In the area surrounding a barbecue, dust shall be minimized by using a device to block wind, or a type of ground cover that has been approved by the Health Authority.

Equipment Requirements

  1. All food service equipment, with the exception of the barbecue unit, shall meet design, materials, and construction standards of NSF/ANSI or be equivalent to those standards. Metal or other materials meeting the food zone material and construction requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 2 may be used for food preparation surfaces or transport containers. Metal framing shall be used for all structures under counter tops used for food preparation or on which food equipment is installed and/or plumbed.
  2. All barbecue units and equipment, not otherwise certified, shall be non-toxic and easy to clean. equipment, including the interior of a cabinet unit or compartment, shall be constructed so as to have smooth and easily accessible and easily cleanable surfaces, with at least 1/8 horizontal and vertical coves, free from channels, crevices, flanges, ledges, sharp or jagged edges, or other cleaning obstructions. Food contact and splash surfaces shall be constructed of a solid material including but not limited to stainless steel, granite, or corian-like material. The surfaces shall be free of pits, cracks, rust, and other obstructions that could interfere with proper cleaning.
  3. There shall be no provision made at the outdoor barbecue area for pre-cooking preparation.
  4. Proper protective storage of wood chips, bark, or other organic materials used for smoking and flavoring in the cooking process, shall be provided at the barbecue located to prevent contamination of food.
  5. Customers of the food establishment shall be separated from the barbecue by a distance of not less than 5 feet by partitions, planters, walls, or similar means.
  6. All refrigerators intended for the storage of raw food for a barbecue shall meet the applicable requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 7.
  7. Hot holding equipment shall be properly powered, meeting the requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 4, for holding and transporting cooked food.

Storage Requirements

Sufficient refrigerated and dry storage for food shall be provided for the barbecue unit.

Hand Wash Facilities

  1. Shall be conveniently located, operational, and easily accessible all times while the barbecue unit is in use.
  2. Barbecue units may have the hand washing sink installed on the unit.
  3. The hand washing sink may be installed on an adjacent unit that is part of the same permit.
  4. The hand washing sink shall be an NSF/ANSI approved portable unit or,
  5. The hand washing sink shall be permanently installed and plumbed on an adjacent wall.
  6. The hand washing sink shall be adequate in size, and so located as to permit convenient and expeditious use by all employees. The minimum sink size is 10 x 10 x 6 with a 12 inch clearance above the sink.
  7. Each hand washing sink is to be a unit with tempered, or hot and cold running water, with a soap and paper towel dispenser, and at least 18 inches of separation between the sink and food-contact surfaces.
  8. Splash guards may be used in areas with limited space, if 18 inches of separation are not available.
  9. At the sole discretion of the Health Authority, barbecue units that are used only to cook cuts of meat without processing or handling of the cooked product at the barbecue, and without service from the barbecue to the customer, and solely for the handling and processing of the cooked product inside the associated permitted food establishment, may be exempt from the requirements of Section 6-601.17 (A).

Employee Toilet Facilities

  1. Shall meet the requirements specified in Chapter 5-204.11 and Chapter 6-202.14 of these regulations.
  2. Operators of outdoor barbecues shall maintain a permission letter from the owner of the facility allowing their employees use of the restrooms, during all hours of operation, unless operator and owner are the same.


At least 50-foot candles of light are required on all work surfaces of equipment.

Food Shields

  1. Food shields shall be required at all interface areas to provide a barrier between the consumer and unpackaged, ready-to-eat food, or food service, food display or food processing areas not separated from the consumer by a minimum horizontal distance of 30 inches or more; and,
  2. Food shields shall be mounted to intercept a direct line between customer’s mouth and the food display area.
  3. Food shields, as installed, shall comply with the construction, materials, finishes, and formula requirements established by NSF/ANSI Standard 2, Section 5.35.

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