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What is Catering?2018-10-03T11:12:06-07:00

An approved food establishment that is serving or preparing food at a location other than its permitted location for a contracted food service event.

This also includes a place of business or organization that routinely contracts with a catering food establishment to provide food items for individual sale to employees or members of that business, if the food was prepared in a commissary and transported, displayed, handled and offered for sale as specified in these regulations.

Catering food establishment does not include:

  1. Food ordered as take-out or delivery from the food establishment that prepared the food, where the food is given to the consumer for self-service, including but not limited to pizza delivery or fried chicken delivery. Food delivered by a third-party food delivery service is not exempt from these regulations.
  2. Food that is brought from home and presented pot-luck style in a place of business for consumption by the employees of that business, without payment, as long as the business does not offer the food to the public.
  3. Food that is prepared and offered for free distribution to feed the needy, whether done by a charitable organization, a private citizen, citizen group, or a business.
Who may be a caterer?2018-10-03T11:12:39-07:00

Any person who has a health permit for the preparation and service of food issued by the Southern Nevada Health District.

Can any permitted food establishment do catering, i.e., a restaurant?2018-10-03T11:13:10-07:00

Yes, any food establishment can cater, provided that the food establishment possesses the necessary equipment to prepare and transport the menu items. The food establishment must follow the regulations when preparing, transporting and serving the food, and may be required to obtain a separate catering permit. A permitted restaurant is not required to obtain a separate permit to provide catering services, but must notify SNHD that it provides those services.

As a caterer, if I am contracted by an entity to set-up and sell food to their employees, students, etc., can I do this on my catering permit?2018-10-03T11:14:03-07:00

No. If you sell by the piece to the consumer under contract, this is referred to as a Remote Service Site. Each Remote Service Site must have its own permit, in addition to the existing catering permit.

I cook and serve in private homes/churches/clubs using the home or facility equipment in the home or facility kitchen. Must I have a permit from the health district?2018-10-03T11:14:41-07:00

No, you are a private chef. Private chefs that use a homeowner’s/church’s/private club’s kitchen to prepare and serve foods in a private venue are not required to have a health permit.

The homeowner/church/club must provide the food, or the private chef must obtain the food to be prepared from a retail source and transport the foods directly to the venue. Any interim storage of foods is prohibited without a permit.

The health district recommends that a private chef attend an accredited course in food safety.

Is my catering permit sufficient for special events?2018-10-03T11:15:27-07:00

Unless you have been contracted to provide a banquet or some similar service as part of the event, and do not sell food directly to individual customers, you will be required to obtain a Temporary Health Permit.

If the temporary event is by invitation only, and you do not sell food directly to individual customers, then you do not have to have a temporary permit because the event is considered private. However, if you prepare, sell or give food away at temporary events that are open to the public, then you will need a temporary permit. Usually, each food booth or tent has a temporary permit at a special event.

As a permitted caterer, what if I provide food to a special event that is open to the public, but I will not be onsite to dispense the food. Is a temporary permit required?2018-10-03T11:16:20-07:00

No. The coordinator of the special event, as well as the seller of the food you provided, must obtain the permits.

How do I become a permitted caterer in Clark County?2018-10-03T11:17:01-07:00

For more information on becoming a permitted catering in Clark County visit the Food Service Catering Plan Review Requirements webpage.

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