Special Processes Course

The SNHD has developed a Special Processes at Retail course. The following special processes will be discussed: Packaging juice, Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP); Live molluscan shellfish tanks; Sprouting seeds; Custom processing meats; Adding components or food additives including fermentation and acidification; Drying foods; Curing and smoking of meats; Curing, smoking, and drying of fish. The agenda consists of instruction regarding how to identify special processes using the Food Code (section 3-502.11), process flow charts, demonstrations of sous vide and other processes, hands-on activities including making yogurt and pickling produce, and using a calibrated pH meter to monitor critical limits. An explanation of each special process includes outbreaks, food safety hazards, control measures, “curiosity to inquiry,” equipment, and review. Attendees should be able to identify special processes in the field and understand associated food safety hazards. The course is not designed to aid in writing or reviewing HACCP plans.

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Updated on: January 8, 2020