///Body Art Facility Design Assessment and Permitting Process

Body Art Facility Design Assessment and Permitting Process

This page describes the process to obtain a new permit for body art facilities. If you wish to change ownership for an open and operating facility, select the following link: http://snhd.info/body-art/Change-of-Permit-Holder-Body-Art-Establishments.php.

Construction and equipment requirements for body art facilities can be found here: http://snhd.info/body-art/operator-permit.php

All applicants for a new body art establishment must complete the following:

  1. Schedule an appointment – Call (702) 759-1258 to schedule a design assessment meeting.
  2. Complete your plans package:
    • Select Instructions for submission. Attach all items listed in the box.
    • The Plan Review Application must be signed by the owner of the establishment. A “Grant Bargain Sale Deed,” lease agreement, or other legal documents will be required to prove possession of the property.
    • Complete plans must show compliance with all construction requirements, including room dimensions and locations of sink(s).
    • Include documentation of spore testing of sterilizer (if applicable) within the past 30 days.
    • Prepare a written Infection Control Plan that includes:
      • Aseptic procedures for protection of patrons
      • General facility cleaning and disinfection procedures
    • Provide copies of the following documents for each operator and technician:
      • Current tattoo/permanent makeup or body piercing Body Art Card
      • Documentation of the required American Red Cross course in Preventing Disease Transmission or documentation of equivalent training within the past two years, and CPR and First Aid (if applicable)
    • Prepare Patron Documentation
      • Proposed “Written Consent Sheet” that includes
      • Patron’s name, date of birth and address
      • Operator or technician’s name
      • Date procedure is done, type and placement of tattoo and/or piercing; description of the design of the tattoo
      • Questions asking the patron if he or she has had a history of jaundice, hepatitis, or other communicable disease(s) within the past 12 months
      • Statement cautioning patron that “the procedure should be considered permanent; that it can only be removed with a surgical procedure and that any effective removal may cause permanent scarring and disfigurement.”
    • Proposed “Procedure After Care Sheet”
  3. Meet with your reviewer:
    1. Check In: Arrive with all your plans package 15 minutes prior to your appointment. Your application package will be screened for completeness prior to your appointment
    2. Rescheduling/Cancellations: If all necessary forms are not complete, the appointment will be rescheduled and a missed appointment fee will be charged. If an appointment must be canceled, notify the Plan Review office by the close of business the previous work day. There will be a fee for a missed appointment (see Fee Schedule).
    3. Payment of Fees: Fees must be paid at the conclusion of the design assessment meeting (see the plan review section of the Fee Schedule. Payment of fees does not constitute approval of plans
    4. Submission of Revised Plans: If the plans are incomplete or do not comply with regulations, you will receive a written notice of corrections. A resubmittal fee will be charged if additional information or plans, including revised or corrected plans, are required.
  4. Schedule field inspections: The applicant must initiate the request for all field inspections. Requests for field inspections are taken on a first-come, first-served basis only. Arrangements for final permitting inspections should be made at least two weeks before your planned opening date
    1. Rough Plumbing Inspection – required for all new construction to assure proper supply and drainage
    2. Pre-permitting Inspection – to ensure no major compliance obstacles are present that would prevent release of the permit
    3. Final Permitting Inspection – verification of equipment installation and operation, compliance with all other regulatory agencies, and operator knowledge. The final permitting inspection is a joint inspection including the Facilities Design Assessment and Permitting Inspector and the assigned Operational Inspector, and is required prior to beginning operations.

Contact Information

Phone: (702) 759-0677


Updated on: October 10, 2018