//Apprentice Requirements

Apprentice Requirements

The Body Art Card Program has been suspended until further notice. Please see Body Art FAQ for information about how the body art card program will be managed during this suspension. Late fees for cards will be waived. Establishments will not be assigned demerits for individuals without cards during this period.

Per the Southern Nevada Health District Regulations Governing the Sanitation and Safety of Tattoo Establishments and the Regulations Governing the Sanitation and Safety of Body Piercing Establishments, applicants must have a minimum of six months continuous training in a duly-licensed establishment in Nevada, another state or country before they can receive a permanent Body Art Card.

Applicants who do not meet this requirement must serve an apprenticeship for a minimum of six months in a health permitted establishment. All health permit holders have been provided with the procedures for apprentices who will be working in their establishments.

Apprentices must have a Body Art Apprentice Card before they can begin their apprenticeship.

The requirements for a Body Art Apprentice Card are similar to a Body Art Card, except the apprentice will need to provide the following additional information.

Note: Body Art Cards will not be issued without written documentation from the health permitted establishment where applicant will be operating.

Contact Information

Phone: (702) 759-0677


Updated on: November 30, 2020