Plaster Color Guidelines

The purpose of this policy is to establish objective criteria for the approval or disapproval of swimming pool plaster finish colors in regulated pools in compliance with NAC 444.114, paragraphs two and three.

Pool plaster must be:

  1. white or light pastel in color;
  2. must reflect a high degree of the light directed into the pool either by natural or artificial means;
  3. must not prevent or interfere with the detection of algae, sediment, a human in distress or objects in the pool.


  1. Plastering or re-plastering of a pool is subject to prior approval from Plan Review either as part of an initial review or as a minor remodel.
  2. Samples of the plaster to be approved, other than solid white, must be provided and specifically approved in writing as part of the project file.
  3. Minor remodel upon re-plaster will not be required provided the re-plaster is:
    1. “like-for-like”, and
    2. The original and replacement plaster is solid white or light pastel.
  4. Dark-colored grains may be incorporated into a plaster finish provided that:
    1. The background color is white or light pastel;
    2. The total area occupied by non-white or non-light pastel colored grains is no greater than 10 percent of the total area covered by the plaster.
    3. The individual grain size of any grain non-white or non-light pastel in color is no greater than 2mm at its widest point.
    4. All grains non-white or non-light pastel in color must be diffuse and evenly distributed in the plaster.

NAC 444.114 — Side walls and bottoms. (NRS 439.200, 444.070)

  1. Pools must be constructed of concrete or other impervious and structurally rigid materials with a finish adapted to the bathing demands of different areas of the pools.All side walls and bottom surfaces must be watertight, free from structural cracks, and have a slip-resistant finish which is smooth and easily cleanable.Floors and walls below the gutter and 6-inch tile line must be white or light pastel in color and must reflect any natural or artificial light.
  2. Any design incorporated into the construction of a pool or painted on the floor or walls must not prevent the detection of algae, sediment, a human in distress or other objects in the pool.Permission in writing from the health authority for the use of a design must be obtained before the design is used.

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Updated on: October 11, 2018